Legs/Glutes Workout

15 minutes cardio warm-up (Fast paced walking or running).

Choose 6 of these exercises, and switch them up every time you workout, so you’re constantly working new muscles in slightly different ways.

Do each exercise for 1 minute, with a 30 second break after 3 exercises.

  • Squats
  • Step-running (run up and down from one step)
  • Lunges
  • Step-ups (Place one leg on a bench or secure chair, then use it to lift up your other leg, without placing it on the bench. Do 30 seconds on each side)
  • Crab-walks (in a squat position walk sideways like a crab – minus the claws)
  • Side leg-raises (30 seconds each-side)
  • High-knees
  • Single-leg calf raises (30 seconds each-side)
  • Wall sit
  • Hip-thrusts (bridge) (Harder – extend one leg as you go up)
  • Jump squats
  • Burpees

Cool down and stretch

You’ve just done a full 21 minute workout – all you need to do today! No gym, no weights, no complicated machines. Sorted.

Step up: If you want to make this workout harder, it is possible to use weights in some of the exercises (hip thrusts, squats, lunges and crab walk) and miss out the 30 second break in the middle. Feel free to add as many exercises as you like as you get stronger and fitter!

In addition, a resistance band will make the crab walk SO much harder – I would recommend you to invest in one if it’s the only thing you buy as part of your home gym!



Drop it like a squat



Photos by @jonpaynephoto (IG)