Mental Health

Mental Health has always been something close to my heart. Having suffered with depression from the age of 12 and various eating disorders from the age of 15, I am passionate about helping others who are struggling. Only by talking about stigmatised issues such as mental health problems can they be truly understood by all, hopefully leading to better mental health services and respect for those who are suffering.

My series ‘Mentally Wealthy’ aims to share the experiences of men and women who have had, or are suffering from mental health issues, from OCD to anorexia, to obsessive skin-picking. I chose the name Mentally Wealthy because I don’t believe that having a mental health issue leaves you any less of a person. It isn’t all encompassing, it’s just another part of you, and the experiences you have leave you a emotionally richer person. Some of the most emotionally intelligent people I’ve ever met are the way they are because their mental health issues have forced them to really get to know themselves, leaving them with a greater mental wealth than someone who has no experience of that pain.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy all my posts. Please share with the hashtag #MentallyWealthy so I can see all of them 🙂