Cooking is one of my favourite past times. From delectable sweet treats to healthy dinners, I’ve spent years braving the ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ jokes to create healthier dishes that people can eat without feeling guilty.


Matcha pistachio energy bite 

I believe that eating well isn’t about depriving yourself, or about buying expensive (and often bizarre) ingredients that people without Instagram would not have heard of. I believe it’s about making easy and simple substitutions to cut out ingredients that could be bad for you in excess. In the years I’ve been cooking for, I’ve made countless ‘flop’ recipes (sugar free apple cake, I’m looking at you!) along with some really fabulous ones. My no-bake, no-wait cheesecake took around five goes and recipe changes to get right, and now it’s one of my favourite recipes on the blog!

Please have a browse, and if you do make any of the recipes, don’t forget to post and tag me on instagram! I would love to be able to share your cooking adventures 🙂


No my kitchen is not all neat and tidy, because I use it – A LOT!