Social Media Consultancy

In this day and age it’s hard to get by as a new business without social media. Starting a new account or growing your current one can be a minefield, and without expert help you may not see the returns you expected from starting an account. My job is to help you navigate the various social media channels, to feel confident running them and achieve greater brand awareness.

I started my own social media channels eight years ago, and have an in depth understanding of algorithms and brand awareness, especially on Instagram. For 14 months I worked for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in their press office, running the social media accounts with over 20k twitter followers, and setting up the Instagram account to reach new audiences. I later became project leader and social media consultant in the setup of Falcon, a centralised platform for all College social media accounts.  Now, working for myself, I am able to help more businesses improve their social media strategy for greater ROI.

Now is the perfect time to work on your social media presence. While we can’t meet people face to face, social media is one of the best way to increase brand awareness and make new connections. I’ve built two guides to help with this, for both brands and bloggers. Building a brand presence on social media doesn’t have to be hard – it just takes a bit of consistency and planning.

Check out my brand new guides!

Pink and Blue Simple Marketing Strategy Presentation


I consult new and developing businesses on their social media accounts, from building an Instagram presence to driving traffic and sales. Each channel has its own benefits, and I’m here to explain what these are and how to utilise each in the best possible way for your individual goals.

Instagram is a great (and cheap) way to promote your business to the right audience, especially if your target audience is 16 – 35, as this is the key demographic of IG. When used right, social media can surpass traditional advertising methods for building brand awareness and driving sales.


In addition to providing brands with social media help, I also assist bloggers/Instagrammers/YouTubers to grow their social media accounts. Whether the goal is to eventually set up a business, work with brands or simply grow accounts at a faster rate, I provide expert advice on the best ways to do these things. Since there seems to be little transparent advice out there on how best to approach brands and monetise a blog, I am here to answer questions specific to your pages. I also provide help building media kits, which are an essential part of any blogger’s kit, providing brands with analytics and other channel information to show why you are the best person to work with on a particular campaign or gifting basis.

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“I love the guide! I think the layout is so well done and it’s super eye catching and easy to read! There’s a lot in there that I wouldn’t have thought of for my businesses, for instance collaborating with others in my field, and posting times/how often. It’s straight to the point which makes it easy for anyone to follow. I also love the daily/weekly/monthly/ checklist which I have printed off and will be making sure I follow!”

“Flora did an amazing job as my Social Media Consultant. She provided clear advice, great goals and was super approachable and easy to chat through new ideas with. Working with Flora, my page following and engagement has grown which has lead to increased sales”.


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