Top budget picks from MandM direct

When training everyday, it’s important to feel fresh and comfortable every time you start a workout. For me that means wearing different kit for each type of workout. Also, add in that extra motivation bonus of a new pair of trainers and you know you’re hitting a good session!

This means constantly looking for new sports gear and at least enough to get you through the week without resorting to smelly bras from 2 days ago! And when you have an activewear obsession like I do, it’s difficult to buy enough without going massively over budget.

So when I found MandM Direct, I thought I’d share my ‘top budget picks’ with you guys. They sell clothes from so many top brands, including ELLE sport, Puma and New Balance, as well as casual clothes for everyday wear at reduced prices (always up to 75% off!). You can kit yourself head to toe and still have some money left over for your favourite gym class.

I picked out my top choices from the website for under £100 total, saving £157!  That’s for 2 tops, 2 pairs of leggings, trainers and a jacket without breaking the bank.

You can click here to shop the look at MandM Direct


Elle sport bra – £8.99, Elle sport jacket – £16.99, Puma trainers – £29.99 (!!)

These Puma shoes are my all time favourite to wear and are somewhere between comfy everyday shoes and training shoes. They look amazing and are even comfier – I have barely stopped wearing them since I got them (if you follow me on instagram you will know this)! If you’re looking for a shoe that will look equally stylish walking around London as in the gym, these are for you.

Above outfit all New Balance. Top – £11.99, capris – £16.99

This cute matching kit from New Balance is the ultimate running outfit. It is cool and comfy, and the reflective panelling on the sides mean you’re extra-visible, even at night. I have done Barry’s Bootcamp in the leggings and they definitely hold their own in terms of keeping you dry and comfy throughout. If you’re a fan of Barry’s Bootcamp, you’ll know that that’s not easy!


 ELLE sport tights – £14.49

This ELLE jacket will really come into its own now it is spring. It’s lightweight, with mesh panels for ventilation, so it’s perfect for those cool evening runs, or heading home after a hot gym session. The zip pockets are also ideal when travelling around at speed – the amount of time I spend thinking I’ve dropped things out of my pockets because they have no zips is ridiculous! Luckily with this jacket that’s not a problem.

I would definitely buy from MandM Direct again, especially considering the diversity and quality of clothes available – have a sift through their website and you’ll find everything you could need for most sports at up to 75% off which, when you’re an active wear addict like me, is invaluable.


K West Hotel and Spa

This week I was lucky enough to be able to attend the K West Spa and Hotel for an afternoon of relaxation and sister time with Grace. We arrived at 12 and were shown around the spa and gym facilities and shown all the rooms they have on offer. Now I’m a massive fan of spa days, but I’m used to the basic swim, sauna, shower, out. K West is NOT one of those spas! Let me tell you why:

Grace and I were shown the best order to do things in. I wasn’t aware that there WAS an order, because usually you can see everything you want to use in the same room and you sort of just potter about until you’re stressed by being so relaxed and then leave (or at least that’s me). At K West we arrived and were taken down to the spa floor, which is a long corridor of different rooms with different functions.


Hydrotherapy pool/100% best photo opportunity ever

Our first room was the main spa room, where we sat in the (huge) hot tub/jacuzzi (which I was told was the ‘hydrotherapy pool’), which is heated to body temperature and is gorgeously warm and relaxing (not to mention beautiful, with the starry ceiling). After the spa we had a footbath with salts to ‘cleanse and relax’.

Feeling slightly too relaxed, Grace and I decided to brave the cold and headed to the snow room, which is literally a giant freezer, chilled to -15. However, the benefits are real – moving from hot to cold can increase circulation, decrease respiratory problems and boost your immune system. After all, if the Scandis do it, there must be something to it! After Grace locked me in for a few seconds too long, we escaped and ran to the sauna, for a nice warming lie-down.


A bright sauna! Most relaxing one I’ve ever been in (no joke)

Most saunas I go to are quite small and dark, making an already hot and slightly uncomfortable experience even hotter and claustrophobic. However, both Grace and I noticed the light glass walls and open feel to the sauna – no uncomfortable feelings of being trapped in a coffin in the desert were felt.

We had been shown to a door down the main corridor at the beginning, and told to arrive there at 2pm for our ‘treatment’. With the enticing name of sun meadow, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but happily arrived at 2pm on the dot. To explain, the sun meadow is a vitamin D therapy room, where you lie on a bed (literally a bed on the floor) and are gently warmed with artificial sunlight (after putting on eye protection of course!). No harmful UV rays are used (which also means no tan) but the light is enough to promote the production of vitamin D in your body and reduce the effects of S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), which many people in the UK suffer from to a varying degree due to the lack on sunlight over the winter months.

I’ve never seen somewhere that offers such an innovative number of treatments and rooms – although Grace and I stayed for around 3h, we didn’t even visit all the rooms, although we were very impressed with the ones we did see!

With the hustle and bustle of life in London, it’s often hard to take time out to relax, but it is SO important (see my post on how to relax). K west offers a tranquil break from the hectic rush of everyday life. With express treatments such as the nail bar, express facial and back massage, it can also be a short wind down between meetings (or, more likely, after a stressful day sale shopping in the nearby Westfield).

If you’re keen to visit, check out their website