LOMAX cycle blast

I was thoroughly impressed by the décor as I walked in through the entrance of the Lomax gym on Fulham road. I’ve seen many instagram stars and personal trainers alike talk about this place as if it’s their home – and as well it could be. Walking in, the ground floor is a thoroughly instagram-friendly café/restaurant, with foods to suit all tastes and needs – from delicious sandwiches to vegan superfood-filled green smoothies. Upstairs is the gym, and although it’s small, it’s bigger than some, especially in central London.
Mine and Beth’s (IG: @bethheddle_runs) class was the ‘cycle blast’, with Jane, a friendly and super energetic French cyclist. The class is held downstairs, in a sort of club/basement/gym room, filled with spinning bikes, each with their own water bottle and (much needed) towel. We sat down and wait for what was probably my 10th or 11th spinning class, not entirely sure what to expect when the lights went off and the music started.

@bethheddle_runs and me straight after the class – both hot, sweaty messes! 

Spinning in the dark is an interesting experience, but spinning with lights off, loud club music and flashing coloured lights is actually fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles to get in the mood of exercising. Jane alternated between joining in on the spinning and bouncing around the room like a dancing bunny rabbit… but in a good way. Her energy and knowledgeable advice throughout the class helped me, and seemed to help everyone else, with everyone’s posture fantastic by the end (sometimes it’s hard to get the right posture in spinning as our bodies are intrinsically lazy).
The class promises to burn ‘at least 400 calories’, which I, being my pedantic self, thought was spectacularly brave to say, as anyone who just sits on the bike with the resistance low is probably not going to burn much in 45 minutes. But by minute 50 I was drenched (this is no exaggeration), and although I didn’t feel as dead as I have done in some other spinning classes, I had burned a whopping 800 calories, which is more than I had expected of the class.

Pretending to cycle, even though @bethheddle_runsand I both know that I can barely walk after the class

I would recommend the class to anyone who can spare £20 for a PAYG class. It’s a little pricey, but doesn’t tie you in to any month or yearlong commitment, so has its perks. Plus, the promise of one of their homemade smoothies or snacks afterwards is enough to entice you in there regardless of the workout!
Price: First trial class free (whoop!), £20 pay as you go, or cheaper per class if you book 8+ at a time.

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