HIIT the deck – GymBox Westfield

This HIIT class at GymBox is a quick 30 minute sweat fest. The exercises themselves incorporate all parts of the body, but it’s especially leg heavy, which is how it gets your heart rate so high!


Photo from a HIIT class (not my photo)

Example moves include weighted squats, bunny jumps with a step and a lot of plyometrics. The class itself is perfect as a start or end to a workout, or if you really haven’t got the time to stay in the gym for longer. I prefer longer workouts myself – the 30 minutes only really included 20 minutes max of ‘real’ working out – the rest was warming up and cooling down (still very important!). Despite being only 30 minutes long, I still burned a whopping 450 calories – not bad for that amount of time! The tabata style exercises (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) give you enough rest to go really hard for those 20 seconds (a technique I use in my own workout regime), which really torches calories. The instructor taking the class I was in was also great – for some reason I love being shouted at whilst working out, and he was really good at the whole motivation thing. I think it’s safe to say that it worked out muscles I wasn’t really aware I had – 2 days afterwards I was still hurting everywhere!

Good for:
  • Those without much time to gym
  • Those wanting a little extra motivation at the beginning/end of a workout
  • Cardio bunnies
  • Anyone who fancies a quick workout at the end of a hard day’s shopping 😉
Less good:
  • For me, it was too short
  • I like to incorporate more and heavier weights into my training to increase difficulty and muscle engagement, but this had few weights!

Why not give it a go? There’s nothing to lose! Except your breath maybe a few pounds



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