DRINKmaple water

I heard about maple water whilst wandering around Wholefoods (one of my guilty pleasures), when confronted by a lady trying to sell me yet another type of water that’s better than water. I’d already tried birch water and of course coconut water and loved them both, but how could water that had been sucked up by a tree and spat out be better than the normal stuff you get from a tap?


One of the three types of bottle DRINKmaple is sold in

Being a Biologist, I’m sceptical of new diet fads and gimmicks, but also aware that maple, birch and coconut waters do have added benefits that our standard bottled or tap waters don’t have. Added electrolytes (salts that your body needs for a variety of different reasons) are one of these benefits – people who exercise a lot sweat out a lot of salt, which needs to be replenished through the diet. All these health waters naturally contain electrolytes from the tree/coconut, which can be a way to replenish these. After exercise, drinking coconut/birch/maple water does actually seem to be especially refreshing (but it’s difficult to tell if this is placebo or not)! Also, maple water is so new to the health foods market that the research (by people other than the companies marketing it) is very limited
The benefits of maple water over coconut water is that it’s got fewer calories and sugar, and it certainly doesn’t taste as sweet. However, DRINKmaple has a nice earthy taste, which I actually really enjoyed. It’s definitely very different to coconut water, but different in a good way. I don’t know if I’d buy it regularly, but after gymming, a bottle of DRINKmaple was really nice and refreshing.
Cost: Approximately £2.15 for 355ml.

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